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Fill out the form below to enquire about a custom puzzle. Please note that our bank of compilers can usually create a custom puzzle for you within a month, but the more time we have, the better. Boatman, Enigmatist and Arachne are very busy, and generally need more notice - two to three months is normally enough, but they can only field a certain number of enquiries per month, so they may not always be available.

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Setter One from the bank (£150)
Boatman (£300)
Enigmatist (Basic 15x15 cryptic from £350, larger-grid cryptic from £380, double 15x15 grid cryptic from £450. Prices include a specially personalised A3 version and plain A4 solving copies, but not frames.)

(For corporate pricing and availability, please email

For the 'information' field below, we need as much information about the 'target' as possible, such as names of family, pets, etc; names of significant places; favourite books, music, etc.; hobbies, sports, general interests; words or catch phrases with personal significance - or anything else you like! Please indicate if there are any words which really must be included. It's really helpful to have some context to these words, so rather than just a word list (ie 'Stick insects, Yorkshire, Bombay Sapphire, Peckham') we'd much prefer a bit of background (ie 'Has kept stick insects for three years; spent every childhood holiday in Yorkshire, if drinking gin will only ever drink Bombay Sapphire, was once arrested in Peckham in a case of mistaken identity').